"My imperfections are my character"

Monday, January 28, 2013

Pallet Wall Shelf $25.00 Suitcase wall shelves $25.00/set

These can be made to order, I have 3 done right now that I can do in what ever finish you want.  I can also stencil something on request.



Entry table / Tall side table (Sold)

Unique entry table.
I thought leaving pieces of the original tag would look good on it but now looking at the picutres I am not so sure.  I can easily take them off if you don't like them on there.  (the two whitish area's on the front of the entry table
Tall side Table


Monday, January 14, 2013

Oval Mirror $30.00 Bench $35.00 (bench sold)

The mirror is painted  antique white and distressed.  It was a dresser mirror, but I have added a wire to the back so you can hang it.  This is very pretty. 
The Bench is one that I have had for awhile and just repainted.  I did not make it but it is handmade.  It is very strong, the only thing with it is if you have small kids who would be pulling themselves up on it, it could tip over.  It won't tip over just sitting on it, but it just about went on my kids a few times.  You could secure it to the wall if needed.


Thursday, January 10, 2013

Primitive handmade dresser/entry cabinet (SOLD)

This piece has lots of character and would look great in any room or entry.
If you can't tell I didn't really know what to call this.  It is hand made and very primitive.  The drawers are not on rollers or tracks, but they all pull in and out just fine.  The cubby door has to be pushed hard to get it back into place when closing it (That red part on the back side of the cubby door is now grey).     I would recommend not using it for a clothes dresser.

Stenciled sign  25.00           Black Screen door 15.00