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Monday, August 27, 2012

Pedestal Table 185.00 SOLD

Beautiful Table, 1 leaf.  The pictures show the leaf in, I did not photo it without, it would just be round without the leaf.  It measures 60" long and 42" wide with the leaf

Monday, August 20, 2012

Old door coffee table $69.00 (SOLD)

This is a coffee table made from an old door.
I know it is 30" deep but I am guessing about 47" long (I have to check)

Friday, August 17, 2012

Vintage pie cupboard 195.00 SOLD

The story behind the paint:...  Sitting in my parents garage is an OLD cupboard that came from one of our OLD neighbors when I was growing up.  This cupboard is a one piece base and hutch, the hutch has beautiful pane cabinet doors.  It is not intriquite but it is a very neat old cupboard.  It had been painted several times throughout its life.  When my dad got it, about 20 years ago, he started sanding on it with the intentions of sanding it all down refinishing it.  He only got as far as sanding it enough to expose all of the layers of paint.  It looks absolutely fabulous!!!!  My sister and I have tried so hard to convince him and my mom to put it in their house and use it just like it is, because we know it would look amazing.  I told my dad that people pay to get their furniture to look like that.  It's been sitting in their garage all this time as extra storage for trips to costco.  I don't think we will ever convince them to use it as it is and not sand it down the rest of the way.  So... I tried to duplicate the paint layers.  I know I didn't get it exactly right (I forgot to get a photo while I was there), but it is close.  My sister is going to get a photo of it the next time she is there so you can all see it.
First layer is yellow, then brown, then blue, then green.
The green is not as prominant in person as it looks in the photo.
You can see the before pictures a few posts down.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Cute little coffee table and accent table 40.00/set

These are cute as can be.  These would work great in a small space.

Vintage cabinet(Pie cupboard) 110.00 SOLD

Sorry, I couldn't help myself!!  I am just about ready to paint this, it is sanded and waiting paint.
It will be done tonight or tomorrow.
This would make a great pantry in a kitchen or organizer in a craft room.  It does have a few issues as seen in the photos.  But it is still sturdy.  I will sell it for 110.00 the way it is.  If you want it painted I would sell it for 195.00

Baby changing station or dresser set 150.00 (Sold)

Okay, so yesterday this set was white.  After I photod the set I came inside to put it on my blog and then started making dinner.  The 4 younger kids went outside to play while I was making dinner. After we ate I went out to bring the furniture in and found that someone, well some kid, had decided to do a project and got spray paint all over the tops of this set.  I have always tried to encourage my kids to be creative, so I couldn't really get upset about it.  I was actually  very thankful because I had not really liked the way it had turned out (the white was a little too boring).  So I sanded it and repainted it the brightest color that I could find on the shelf.  It looks fabulous now, so much better than white.  The color doesn't quite look as true and bright as it really is, I couldn't seem to get the right color in the photo.
This is a tall cabinet next to a smaller cabinet (it is not one piece).  I thought these two together would make a darling changing station for a baby.  You could put some cute baskets on the shelves to hold all your baby needs.  The dresser part is oak, it was actually a buffet bottom.  The tall cabinet part was a phonograph stand so the top flips up.  They are both very sturdy.


Friday, August 10, 2012

Green Buffet 295.00 SOLD

This could be used as a buffet, entry table, console table, or ??? 
I love this.  It is very unique.  This looks much better in person.
Measuring from the top board it is 70" long 16" deep and  33.5" tall

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Childrens Table (NOT FOR SALE)

I just wanted to share this fun table we made for my kids.  I wanted to have a place for them to sit and color and draw, since that is there favorite thing to do.  They love this.  Thanks to two lovely ladies from Hutchinson who came and helped me decopauge(?) the top.
We just used pages out of old childrens books.  You could do this on any table top.  You could use photographs of your kids or artwork they have done.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Old Wood Door 25.00 SOLD

Solid wood door, all the glass is good. 
79 1/2 x 36
I have cleaned the black paint off of the glass, I just didn't do it before taking the photo

Entry Locker $295.00 (sold)

This cabinet could be used anywhere, but I think it would be perfect for an entry way to hide all of the kids coats, backpacks, shoes, snowboots, gloves, etc. (If it was big enough to hold stuff for 6 kids I would keep it!!).  There is plenty of room for up to 3 kids and you could probably squeeze in stuff for 4.  I put chalkboard paint on the inside of the top cabinet doors so you could write little love notes or reminders to your kids.  The photo with the view of the left side shows spot where the wood is worn away along the edge.  I still need to get some hooks put along the inside back. 

Cute little Suitcase table  20.00