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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Entry Locker $295.00 (sold)

This cabinet could be used anywhere, but I think it would be perfect for an entry way to hide all of the kids coats, backpacks, shoes, snowboots, gloves, etc. (If it was big enough to hold stuff for 6 kids I would keep it!!).  There is plenty of room for up to 3 kids and you could probably squeeze in stuff for 4.  I put chalkboard paint on the inside of the top cabinet doors so you could write little love notes or reminders to your kids.  The photo with the view of the left side shows spot where the wood is worn away along the edge.  I still need to get some hooks put along the inside back. 

Cute little Suitcase table  20.00


  1. I wish you were closer cause I'd definately buy this one!

  2. i loved this. i even posted it on facebook.... trying to get one of my friends (with bigger houses) to buy it.... it was loved...

    we still love our benches. i smile at them all the time. thanks for that.

    also. i have to tell you. elly (my 4 year old) got an american girl for her birthday ... and guess what her name is...


    So sweet. Love looking at your creations. Hope to get another... some day.

  3. Vicky, I thought of you when I bought this:) Too bad I didn't find it sooner.
    Kiza, it was great to hear from you. I am glad you are enjoying your benches. How cute about ILA. Take care, tell your mom we miss her.