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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Baby changing station or dresser set 150.00 (Sold)

Okay, so yesterday this set was white.  After I photod the set I came inside to put it on my blog and then started making dinner.  The 4 younger kids went outside to play while I was making dinner. After we ate I went out to bring the furniture in and found that someone, well some kid, had decided to do a project and got spray paint all over the tops of this set.  I have always tried to encourage my kids to be creative, so I couldn't really get upset about it.  I was actually  very thankful because I had not really liked the way it had turned out (the white was a little too boring).  So I sanded it and repainted it the brightest color that I could find on the shelf.  It looks fabulous now, so much better than white.  The color doesn't quite look as true and bright as it really is, I couldn't seem to get the right color in the photo.
This is a tall cabinet next to a smaller cabinet (it is not one piece).  I thought these two together would make a darling changing station for a baby.  You could put some cute baskets on the shelves to hold all your baby needs.  The dresser part is oak, it was actually a buffet bottom.  The tall cabinet part was a phonograph stand so the top flips up.  They are both very sturdy.


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