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Friday, August 17, 2012

Vintage pie cupboard 195.00 SOLD

The story behind the paint:...  Sitting in my parents garage is an OLD cupboard that came from one of our OLD neighbors when I was growing up.  This cupboard is a one piece base and hutch, the hutch has beautiful pane cabinet doors.  It is not intriquite but it is a very neat old cupboard.  It had been painted several times throughout its life.  When my dad got it, about 20 years ago, he started sanding on it with the intentions of sanding it all down refinishing it.  He only got as far as sanding it enough to expose all of the layers of paint.  It looks absolutely fabulous!!!!  My sister and I have tried so hard to convince him and my mom to put it in their house and use it just like it is, because we know it would look amazing.  I told my dad that people pay to get their furniture to look like that.  It's been sitting in their garage all this time as extra storage for trips to costco.  I don't think we will ever convince them to use it as it is and not sand it down the rest of the way.  So... I tried to duplicate the paint layers.  I know I didn't get it exactly right (I forgot to get a photo while I was there), but it is close.  My sister is going to get a photo of it the next time she is there so you can all see it.
First layer is yellow, then brown, then blue, then green.
The green is not as prominant in person as it looks in the photo.
You can see the before pictures a few posts down.

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