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Monday, January 2, 2012

Dresser/? $89.00 (SOLD)

I had someone ordered this as a vanity for a bathroom sink and then buyer no longer responded after finishing it.  So this is being sold at a good price to sell quick.  I did not concentrate on fixing up the top because I knew they would be putting a marble top on it.  So there is a large gouge you can see in a photo below.  This could also easily be converted to a tv console,  the drawer fronts are only glued in and there is already a bottom board that you could set dvd machines on.  It would make a great entry piece too.  The cabinet doors open, there are no shelves, it is just open. 
This is 42" wide  35" tall and 21" deep
The base color is cinnamon with dark nutmeg as a final coat, distressed.

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