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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Matching Table and Buffet 350.00/set (sold)

I am still waiting for the polyeurethane to dry on the table top so I can photo it.  The table and buffet (I know it's a really a dresser I am just calling it a buffet:) are not from a matching set, I just painted them to match.  The legs on the table are painted the same as the base of the buffet.  Both tops are stained the same and cleared.  The buffet needs different hardware, I just am not sure when I will get into a store to get any.  I will sell the set as is for 300.00, but if I put new hardware on it it will be 350.00.  The drawers on the buffet tend to move around a little when you slide them in and out.  They don't stick, you just have to hold them in place while you open and close them.  I would recommend it be used more as a decorative piece rather than daily use on the drawers.

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