"My imperfections are my character"

Friday, September 14, 2012

Farmhouse Hutch $220.00 (sold)

This hutch was built by my father in law.  I had quite a debate with myself on what to paint it.  I had chosen a green, but in the last few seconds before the paint brush touched the cabinet I changed my mind to blue.  I just couldn't help it.  I thought it would just be so much bolder in blue.  I love this because it has storage/display space and character without being big and bulky.  I can lift this by myself, barely. Dimensions  33" wide, 17" deep(at the table part) and 75"tall. 


 Yes, I am aware that the handles are not the same.  My father in law had two pretty glass handles on it but me being me dropped one and broke it.  I had handles I could have used that matched, but I liked these much better, I wanted to add a little more character to the piece.

 Vintage lamp 10.00 (sold)

Vintage desk lamp 10.00 

 Wire basket, rusty 5.00

 Metal bucket 6.00 (sold)

Large wire crate 20.00 (sold)

Ok, this is my very first ever apple pie, and it is completely from scratch(dont laugh), I even picked the apples off the tree.  No Jill, I did not plant the apple tree.  Nor did I plant the grain and harvest the grain and grind it into flour:))


  1. Very nice Rach. It turned out awesome!

  2. LOOKS SCRUMSIOUS! Wish I could drop by for a piece of pie and ice cream...... and a nice long visit. Miss Ya!