"My imperfections are my character"

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Dresser set SOLD

I have hardware for this set now, I just need to put it on and photo them again. These look absolutely amazing!!!  I can't believe how wonderful they look. (This set includes the tall dresser and the small one next to it, the buffet in the back is not included)  I left all the nicks and scratches to help add to the character.  A couple of the drawers are a little sticky but they still work.

Update~~  I finally got some hardware on this set, now that there are handles on it the drawers seem to work much better:)  I am leaving the photos before the new hardware on here because they were taken outside and show the true color much better.  The last few photos have the new hardware on them.


Coffee table 55.00 (Sold)

 antiques sign 12.00

 market sign 8.00
'farm fresh' 10.00

 berries sign 4.00
2  wire baskets (stacked in photo) 8.00 each


  1. Can you tell me the dimensions of the shorter dresser

  2. Hi Cristy,
    The shorter dresser is 34 wide 19 deep and 28 tall.
    Let me know if it will work for you.