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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Primitive Kitchen Cupboard/Island $225.00 (sold)

This is an old kitchen cabinet base.  I added a new top with a lot of overhang all the way around so it could be used as an island.  I forgot to photo it with the doors open to show that there is not a floor in it.  There is a shelf and then it is just open (I will get that photo tomorrow).
This is a very primitive piece, it is NOT new.
In the last photo I took the picture with the drawers out because I thought this could also be used as a tv console.  I would need to put boards in where the drawers were so you could put media equipment in them, and I would also need to cut off the overhang in the back so it would go up flush against a wall.  I won't change it into a console unless someone comes and looks at it and gives a deposit before I start cutting:)

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