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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Harvest Table and Benches


Tables start at $475.00 for a 6'    $525.00 for a 7'   and $575.00 for an 8'
Add a bench for $100.00 each with the purchase of a table
We require a deposit on all custom orders, deposit amount varies depending on the order.
Buffets, like the one in the photo can also be ordered to match.  $375.00 with the purchase of a table, 425.00 without a table.
We can also sell a set for a lower price if you want one that has not been sanded/painted or stained.  Call for details  435-233-8825

Our tables are all done by hand. They are built very sturdy. Because we hand paint/stain/and clear, it is not going to be a perfect finish like you would get from a store. We do our best, but it is almost impossible to not get some brush strokes in the clear coat. Also, to help keep our costs down and prices down, we do not paint underneath the table or bench.


  1. LOVE this. Too bad my kitchen would never fit anything like this. You have talent. I am sure this will sell quickly.

  2. Thanks Ashley, we can build smaller one's too if needed:)

  3. Can the buffet be purchased separately? If so, how much? Thanks!