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Monday, April 29, 2013

Old Trunk Coffee Table (Sold)

Rustic Coffee table made from an old trunk.
Someone must have attempted to paint this at one time.  There is a little bit of white paint on each end.  I should verify, the top of the coffee table trunk is actually the bottom of the trunk.  So there is no way to open it and store stuff inside. (sorry Jill)  I loved the bottom of it and thought it should be seen, the lid had a little damage to it so I took it off.





  1. Hi Sis,

    Wish I lived close and could swing by and throw that
    trunk in the back of the burbanator, take it home, place it in front of my old antique green velvet love seat, and use it to store all my treasures in. I'd put my large silver tray with a vintage silver tea pot, cream and sugar containers, and pretty, fragile, porcelin tea cups and saucers on it. Then I would invite you over you and I would sit down and have tea and a wonderful visit. Miss ya, JILL

    1. Jill that sounds perfect. I wish I was there. We will have to do that when I come out to visit this summer. Take Care